Hodos Ano Kato
What goes up must come down

The Greek presocratic philosopher Herakleitos (around 500 BC) observed thatmovement upward and movement downward are part of one and the same thing: "what goes up must come down."

This theme is illustrated by the vertical and horizontal axis of the two triangles in this installation, which constitute the basis for the rise of the sun (chariot) and the fall of the riders of the Apocalypse.

As the vertical and the horizontal plane of this work are part of one whole, thus the historic cycles of rise and fall are to be considered as interconnected parts of one unique organic constellation in time.

The installation consists of two interconnected triangles: a vertical and a horizontal one. From the horizontal plane rises the chariot of the Sun (the god Helios). From the vertical one theriders of the Apocalypse rush down to plunge into their fall.