Mythology II
'giving great pleasure'

Ganymede the sonof Tros, king of Troy, was a youth of great beauty. He was carried off by the god Zeus in eagle shape and takento the Olympus Mountain where the gods live. Hera, the wife of Zeus, is jealous and decides that Ganymede will serve as cupbearer. In this quality he gives great pleasure to them all.

The subject of homosexual passion is the underlying theme in the legends surrounding the figure of Ganymede, a Greek youth of unparalleled beauty. The gods, or Zeus, or the eagle of Zeusor Zeus himself in eagle shape, or the goddess Eos or the prehistoric king Minos of Crete are mentioned as kidnappers inthe many varieties of this myth. Because it legitimised homosexuality the myth of Ganymede was very popular throughout antiquity. The Latin form of his name was Catamitus. In popular usage it referred to the passive object in homosexual relationships.

Ganymede is also associated with theconstellation Aquarius. According to one of the versions of the legend Zeus gave Ganymede a place among the stars.